7 Best Udemy Courses For Mastering JavaScript

Master JavaScript from zero with these recommendations

Ferenc Almasi β€’ 2022 August 26 β€’ πŸ“– 6 min read

There are countless articles on the internet with the best 100 Udemy courses out there. Luckily, you only need one to get a good understanding of JavaScript, so this article will focus only on the 7 best courses that you can choose from.

We will be looking at 4 complete courses, two beginner-only courses, and one advanced, in this order. If you are looking for a quick answer, we recommend the following from the list based on your experience:

For everyone else who is looking for more in-depth information, let's see the top 7 Udemy courses for mastering JavaScript.

The courses are not in order of rating, but in order of recommendation.

The Complete JavaScript Course for 2022

Our very first recommendation is the Complete JavaScript Course by Jonas Schmedtmann. This is also a top recommendation by Udemy, and for a very good reason.

This course covers the fundamentals of JavaScript which makes it a good fit for beginners but also has content on modern syntax such as destructuring, spread, or optional chaining to provide material for developers who already have some experience with JavaScript.

The Complete JavaScript Course 2022

You will also be building out 6 real-world projects for your portfolio, and learn about a very important part of JavaScript: Asynchronous behavior, including the event loop, how to work with promises and theΒ async/awaitΒ keywords, what is AJAX, and how to make API calls.

Async JavaScript in Udemy course

Some more complex concepts are also covered in this course like theΒ thisΒ keyword, higher-order functions and closures. There are also more than 50 challenges to practice the skills you have learned throughout this course.

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JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2022

Maximilian SchwarzmΓΌller not only has a great YouTube channel full of free resources, but he is also active on Udemy. Our second recommendation landed on his JavaScript complete guide for both beginners and advanced learners.

In this course, you will master JavaScript from scratch in great detail, learn about all of the core features and concepts you need for working with modern JavaScript, and once you get a good understanding of the basics, you will learn about more advanced concepts.

JavaScript - The Complete Guide 2022

What are object-oriented and meta-programming? How do you optimize performance in JavaScript? How do you fix memory leaks? Is JavaScript strongly or weakly typed? These are some of the more advanced questions you will find answers to inside this course.

Academind's JavaScript course on Udemy

It has an enormous amount of content, including more than 600 downloadable resources. This course covers everything you need to become an expert in JavaScript and apply for JavaScript-related jobs.

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Modern JavaScript (Complete guide, from Novice to Ninja)

Want to become a ninja developer? Then this next course will be for you. Created by The Net Ninja, another famous Youtuber with over 1M subscribers, this complete guide also covers both beginner and advanced JavaScript.

Learn all about OOP, and how to make useful JavaScript-driven UI components such as popups, dropdowns, tabs, or tooltips. Things you can come across during your everyday work as a JavaScript developer.

Modern JavaScript

In this course, you will not only learn about how to create UI components, but also how to create entire real-world modern frontend applications with JavaScript such as quizzes, weather apps, or chat rooms.

Chat app created by The Net Ninja on Udemy

You will be also exploring how to make API calls to make the most of third-party data, and how to use real-time databases to store, retrieve and update application data.

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The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2022)

If you are looking to learn more about how E-Commerce platforms work, or you want to build your own JavaScript game, then this course will be a good fit for you.

Just like with the other courses, you will start to learn everything about JavaScript from scratch. But at the end of the course, you should have a deep understanding of how JavaScript works and be ready for applying to JavaScript jobs.

The Modern Javascript Bootcamp Course (2022)

Here you will learn how to create a full E-Commerce app complete with authentication, and how to build your own physics-based JavaScript game. So by the end of this course, you will have a portfolio full of beautiful apps.

The Modern JavaScript Bootcamp course on Udemy

The course also introduces you to how to work with NodeJS and Express, and how you can automate your code testing by creating your very own custom testing framework.

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Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

If you are looking for a more beginner-friendly course that covers everything you need without the more complex concepts such as authentication or physics-based JavaScript games, then Brad Traversy's Modern JavaScript course will be for you.

Brad is also very active on Youtube. He is behind the Traversy Media Youtube channel with over 2M subscribers. You will find hundreds of tutorials from him completely for free. He created several courses on Udemy, this one covering beginner JavaScript.

Modern JavaScript From The Beginning

This course covers vanilla JavaScript without any frameworks or libraries so you can get a solid foundation for your JavaScript skills. Here you will master the DOM without jQuery, learn about OOP, regular expressions, error handling, and much more.

The Modern JavaScript course by Brad Traversy on Udemy

The course also has an entire section dedicated to design patterns. You will get a good understanding of creational patterns such as singleton and factory, or behavior patterns such as observer and mediator.

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JavaScript Basics for Beginners

Another bestselling course that focuses only on fundamentals is JavaScript Basics for Beginners by Mosh Hamedani. You may also know Mosh from his Youtube channel called Programming with Mosh which has over 2M subscribers.

This course contains 6 hours of material, so it is a perfect fit if you want to get up and running with JavaScript as fast as possible.

JavaScript Basics for Beginners

No previous coding experience is required to take this course, you will learn about all the basics, operators, control flow, objects and arrays, and how to find your way around functions.

JavaScript Basics for Beginners by Mosh Hamedani

The course also teaches you how to avoid common pitfalls and mistakes other JavaScript developers tend to make.

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JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (2022 Update)

Our last recommendation covers more advanced concepts in JavaScript. If you already have the basics in place and you only want to learn about advanced concepts to be in the top 10%, then look no further.

JavaScript: The Advanced Concepts (2022 Update)

You will not only learn about OOP and FP or the latest ES features in this course, but you will also get a good understanding of the JavaScript engine and runtime.

You will get a good grasp of how hoisting works, what is type coersion, how to address memory leaks, and what is garbage collection. The differences between composition and inheritance, and many more, including best practices.

Advanced JavaScript course on Udemy

By the end of this course, you will know everything you need to know about JavaScript to become a senior developer.

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