How to Refresh Pages in React With One Line of Code

Ferenc Almasi • 2022 September 12 • 📖 1 min read

To refresh a page in React, you don't need React, just plain JavaScript. You need to call window.location.reload which will trigger a full page reload.

export const App = () => {
    const refresh = () => window.location.reload(true)

    return (
        <button onClick={refresh}>Refresh</button>
Refresh function in React
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This works exactly like a refresh button. Notice that we passed true to the reload method. This is a non-standard feature that is only supported in Firefox. It tells the browser to bypass the cache and do a force reload.

Using a boolean parameter for location.reload is ignored for all other browsers, except Firefox.

The same can be done using an inline onClick handler in the following way:

<button onClick={() => window.location.reload(true)}>Refresh</button>
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However, in most cases, you may simply want to update your state instead of doing an entire page reload using useState. This results in a better user experience. Therefore, only use the above solution when you specifically want to do a full-page reload.

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