Testing Disabled Buttons in React Testing Library

Ferenc Almasi • 2022 September 04 • 📖 1 min read

To test whether your buttons are disabled or not in React Testing Library, you need to use the toHaveAttribute or the toBeDisabled assertion in the following way:

import { render, screen } from '@testing-library/react'

it('should render a disabled button', () => {
    render(<Cta disabled={true}>Learn more!</Cta>)

Testing disabled buttons in React Testing Library
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toHaveAttribute also accepts a second parameter for the value if you need to test specific attribute values.

Prefer using getByTestId to avoid breaking your unit tests by small code changes. You can also test the opposite and verify if your buttons are not disabled by prepending a not to either of the assertions:

import { render, screen } from '@testing-library/react'

it('should render a disabled button', () => {
    render(<Cta>Learn more!</Cta>)

Testing if the button is NOT disabled
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