How to Make Custom Bullet Points With CSS

You can easily make custom bullet points for HTML lists with the use of CSS ::before pseudo-element.

ul {
  list-style: none;

ul.complete li::before {
  content: 'βœ”οΈ ';

ul.incomplete li::before {
  content: '❌ ';

// Will produce the following
βœ”οΈ Learn about HTML
βœ”οΈ Learn about CSS
❌ Learn about JavaScript
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Using ::before for Numbering

Another common trick that ::before elements can be used are for numbering headings, for example in a table of contents:

<h1>Table of Contents</h1>
<h1>The Tale of CSS</h1>

  /* Number headings with counters: */
  body {
    counter-reset: heading;

  h1:before {
    content: counter(heading) β€œ) ”;
    counter-increment: heading;

<-- Will produce the following: -->
1) Table of Contents
2) The Tale of CSS
3) Acknowledgments
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How to Make Custom Bullet Points With CSS
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