How to Retrieve Attribute Values in CSS

Use the attr() property in CSS if you want to retrieve the value of an element's attribute and use it in your stylesheets:

<span data-icon="🌺" data-name="Hibiscus"></span>
    span::before {
        content: attr(data-name);
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In the example above, the value of the attr() funcion will be "Hibiscus". You can also specify types to attr(), using the following way:

.types {
    attr(data-src url);      /* Define type as url */
    attr(data-score number); /* Define type as number */
    attr(data-width px);     /* Define type as pixel */
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By using a second parameter, you also have the ability to provide fallback values:

.defaults {
    attr(data-src url, '');       /* Will fallback to an empty string */
    attr(data-width px, inherit); /* Will fallback to the inherited property */
    attr(data-name, 'Unknown');   /* Will fallback to "Unknown" */
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How to retrieve attribute values in CSS
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