How to Create Multiple Border in CSS

Did you know that you can create multiple borders in CSS using the box-shadow property? You need to set the blur and offsets to 0 and give it a spread value. By comma separating the different rules, you can create as many borders as you'd like to:

.borders {
    width: 100px;
    height: 100px;
    background: #1E88CE;
    transform: rotate(45deg);
        0 0 0 5px rgb(255 255 255 / 25%),
        0 0 0 10px rgb(255 255 255 / 25%),
        0 0 0 15px rgb(255 255 255 / 25%);
Copied to clipboard!

The code example above, uses 3 different box shadows, each one larger by 5px from the other. The values mean offsetX, offsetY, blurRadius, spreadRadius in this order. It will create the following effect:

Did you know that you can also create pixel-art from box-shadows using the very same technique, and some help from Sass to simplify the process?

How to Make Pixel Art With Box Shadows
How to Create Multiple Border in CSS
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