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How to Make Toggles With React Hooks

How to Make Toggles With React Hooks

Ferenc Almasi • 🔄 2021 February 08 • 📖 2 min read
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To toggle between a boolean flag in React, you can use the below custom hook that uses setState internally:

import { useState } from 'react'

const useToggle = initialState => {
    const [state, setState] = useState(initialState || false);

    return [state, () => setState(!state)];
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Since the function returns an array, with a state and a callback function, you can use it in your component, just like you would for other built-in React hooks, like so:

import React, { useState } from 'react'
import useToggle from 'useToggle'

const toggleComponent = () => {
    const [lightsOn, toggleLights] = useToggle();
    const [isVisible, toggleSidebar] = useToggle();

    return (
            <button onClick={toggleLights}>{lightsOn ? '🌞' : '🌒'}</button>;
            <button onClick={toggleSidebar}>Toggle sidebar</button>;
            <Sidebar visible={isVisible} />
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If you would like to see it in action, give it a try on Codesandbox

Try the hook on codesandbox
How to Make Toggles With React Hooks
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