How to Make Smooth Scrolling Using Only CSS

If you want some smooth scrolling to happen without using an algorithm, you can use the CSS scroll-behavior property:

<!-- Set the `scroll-behavior` property to create smooth scrolling -->
    html {
        scroll-behavior: smooth;

  <a href="#page-1">Scroll to page #1</a>
  <a href="#page-2">Scroll to page #2</a>
  <a href="#page-3">Scroll to page #3</a>

<section id="page-1">Page #1</section>
<section id="page-2">Page #2</section>
<section id="page-3">Page #3</section>
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Keep in mind this is only supported for modern browsers. You can check the working example at Codepen:

Check Smooth Scrolling on Codepen

If you want a JavaScript-based solution with a little bit more support, you can use the behavior option in window.scroll:

// JavaScript equivalent for smooth scrolling
  top: 100, 
  left: 0, 
  behavior: 'smooth'
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How to add smooth scrolling only with CSS
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