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Ferenc Almasi • 🔄 2021 July 30 • 📖 3 min read

At Webtips, we publish in-depth tutorials related to web development. We believe in simplicity and that the web is easier to understand than most believe.

We are always looking for great tutorials that help people better understand the world of web technologies. If you have something interesting to share, don’t hesitate to submit a draft using the form below!

Why Should I Contribute?

By publishing with Webtips, you will open your story to a whole new audience. If your submission gets accepted, we will promote your article to get the exposure it deserves. This means we will:

What Should I Write About?

We accept all kinds of articles related to the world of web technologies. Whether you want to write about HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or some framework, we are interested.

We do not only accept articles strictly related to coding, but we are especially interested in the technical side of things. Do you write about optimization, performance, accessibility, or SEO? Share with us! As long as your content is related to web development, you can submit your work. Here are some inspirations for you to begin.

Content Guidelines

Some things that we are looking for in your articles:

How Do I Submit?

You can submit your draft using our submission form below. It's okay if your article is not fully complete on submission, but try to provide as much as possible to make the review process shorter.

We will use your personal information (name, short bio, and profile picture) to set up your author page. If you don't want us to set up your author profile page, just leave the fields blank. If you are a returning author, please also go through the steps below.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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